10 Steps To Functional Furniture Arrangements

Simple steps to follow to get an ideal furniture layout

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An unfurnished place can be a fun event, a challenge, and a test of "interior design skills." With numerous such styles to choose from, how do you distinguish where to begin? Below you'll find a few simple and basic rules on arranging your furniture to make your home cozy and practical.


family house


Analyze how each room in the house or apartment is used. And how many people in your family are going to use it. With that in mind, you can determine what kind of furniture you are going to need and how many seats to fit all the family members or occasional guests.

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Main Point

fireplace and a tv


Getting that out of the way and deciding on the main point in a room like a TV or a fireplace will determine the furniture layout plan. If it's your living room with the TV, the rule of thumb is to distance the television with seating three times the TV screen size. Meaning if it's a 50" TV, your couch, for example, should be approximately 150" away from the screen.

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Main Furniture

living room sofa, couch, sectional brown couch


Ideally, the most oversized furniture should be placed first, like a sectional couch or a bed in the bedroom. They will mainly face the room's main point, like the example above with the TV and a sofa. Try not to push all your furniture against the walls as long as you have enough space to do that. Also, multiple chairs in the area should be separated no more than eight feet to let people occupying them to have a comfortable conversation.

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furniture options

Casual rooms tend to have an asymmetrical furniture layout, where formal rooms keep their form symmetrical and organized.

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Traffic In The Room

separate sitting areas


Consider the way people moving in the room, meaning — generally, the pathway connecting doorways. Avoid obstructing that access by any oversized furniture if it's possible. It would be best if you had 30 - 48" of width for the most critical pathways in the room and a minimum of 24" width for the less significant.

Don't cut your seating area in half. Direct traffic flows around it or forms two separate seating areas and direct traffic in between them.

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Small And Big

couches across from each other, living room couch, sofa


Alter the scope of furniture arrangements throughout the room. Consequently, your eyes go up and down as you browse the area. Balance a big or high piece by putting different furniture of comparable size on the room's opposite side. Also, you can use the big picture to trick the eye and replicate the size. Avoid placing similar size furniture next to each other.

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Variety Is A Key

round coffee table


Mix and match different styles. For example, if you have a modern and, let's say square piece, pitch in a circular coffee table for contrast or curvy furniture, blend in an item of rectangular furniture. Furthermore, a combination of solids with voids. Mix a leggy seat with a solid table and opposite solid chair with a leggy table.


reading chair with lamp


Arrange a table within each chair's comfortable reach, mix pieces of comparable size. If you have multiple recliners for reading and lounging, make sure they have their lamp and possibly footrest. 

Avoid cramping everything in the middle also; for example, your couch should be at least 15-19" from the coffee table. That way, you have enough room for legs or walking between those two pieces.

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Easy Flow

bedroom bed


An essential room in every house is a high-traffic dining room. Ensure that you have a minimum of 48" space between the edges of your dining table and the walls or another piece of furniture. If there is no flow behind the chairs on one side of the counter, 36" would be satisfying.

Bedroom bed should have a minimum space of 24" from the walls or fully open bedroom or bathroom doors.


Furniture Layout Plan

furniture layout plan, furniture arrangement, interior design


Have a little bit of fun before touching and moving anything. Make a furniture layout plan first. There are plenty of free apps for your phone that you can download and pre-plan and play around with your furniture's arrangements and layouts. If you prefer, old school, use a piece of paper and draw your ideas there. Just make sure that you get all the necessary measurements before, like the size of the room, windows, and doors. Go ahead, have fun planning your ideal furniture layout.

Your turn: share in comments below your ideal layouts and arrangements