7 Ideas For A Stool That Fit In Every Kitchen Design

kitchen island with a leather bar stools


Kitchen bars are the centers around which everyday motions turn in numerous tasks around your improved kitchen. And that involves a bar, and counter seats have more use than most other seating areas around the whole house. Suppose you've happened to live with stools that are exposing their period of use. In that case, read below what materials and designs to look for that you can't go wrong with choosing your new bar stools.


Rattan/Wicker Stools

rattan stools, wicker stools


The wicker gives a relaxed feel to any kitchen and mixes within nearly any surroundings.

Numerous open-air bars and bar seats use a low-maintenance resin replacement that resembles common wickers or rattan but with enhanced strength.

Lexington Home Tommy Bahama Bali Hai Kamala Bay Counter Stool, 22.25 in. W x 22.5 in. D x 37.75 in. H | Wood

These materials are perfect because they are weather-resistant, which means the wicker stool will last many seasons to come.


The colors are ranging from light vanilla through gray, all the way to dar brown or even black. All those color options are plentiful and guaranteed to fit in almost any kitchen color scheme. Also, it works great with wood floors. 

There is an example of wicker stool here 


Bentwood Stools 

bentwood bar stool black


Bentwood bar stools blend the modern and classic style, which will catch eyes with its unique, chic appeal. It perfectly fits kitchen counters to have snacks or drinks or accommodate extra room for guests in holiday gatherings, parties, etc.

Bentwood Bar Stool in Oak

They harmonize effortlessly among nearly any other chair in your house.

There is an example of bentwood stool here 

Industrial Style Stools

industrial bar stools, industrial look bar stools


Mixing wood and metal, or matching metal with padding, is a surefire way to induce warmness and class to your kitchen area.

The barstools slide perfectly under the island because most of them won't have a backrest. The padding on top gives a taste of flexibility and a visible split in the cabinetry and countertop's more extensive shades.

Most modern surfaces are now somewhat distressed; these industrial stools will cover substantial daily use.

There is an example of industrial stool here 

Leather/Fabric Stools

upholstered bar stool, leather bar stool


An upholstered with fabric or leather bar stool is a perfect alternative with endless possibilities. Whether you favor an informal cloth slipcover or tailored leather, the upholstered layout guarantees a pleasant experience well fitted to your likings.

Upholstered stool lets you personalized your kitchen because of a beautiful nailhead feature. Those little beats work as a sparkle that can extract your entire appearance in an elegant and modern way. Remember that you'll want to organize the nailhead polish with your current colors, for example, kitchen appliances or lighting. 

There is an example of upholstered stool here.

Metal Stools

metal bar stools outside by the water


Modest and practical, full metal stools immediately get to the point, granting a place to sit without unnecessary extravagant. You guaranteed to get one that correlates nicely with your existing lighting and cabinet hardware among endless options available like painted stools, brass, or brushed nickel.

For example, a beautiful waterfall edge island combined with a metal bar stool helps hold the eye focused on those slab patterns' movement. 

This simple style manages to be less costly to produce. An affordable choice is moderately easy equaled to more intricately complicated options. Putting a less expensive stool at your kitchen island doesn't mean that you can't still achieve a high-end look.

There is an example of metal stool here.

Unique Stools

unique bar stools, modern bar stools


A perfect example is a bicycle design bar stools that will create a timeless accessory to your kitchen and dining room furnishings.

Solid mango wood and iron used to produce these bar stools make them incredibly durable and long-lasting. The bicycle bar stools feature their footrests, which resemble the bicycle pedals and contribute to their seating comfort and industrial style.

Each step of the production process follows with the highest care: recombining, polishing, painting, or lacquering. 

The wood's colors and grains vary from piece to piece, making each piece unique and slightly different from the next.

There is an example of unique looking stool here.

Reclaimed Wood Stools


reclaimed wood bar stool with the table


Another good example could be; antique-style reclaimed wood bar stools ooze a modern appeal and create a timeless accessory to your kitchen.

Solid reclaimed wood has been sourced from joists, floors, and support beams from old buildings being demolished to produce these bar stools. They can consist of several wood sorts like rosewood, pine, teak, oak, cedar, mango wood, and more. This intends the reclaimed wood holds the features of these various types of lumber. Reclaimed wood is previously aged, weathered, and dried, so it doesn't contract or change.

The rich wood textures make each piece of furniture individual and somewhat various from the next. Signs of damage and noticeable grain composition also give each bar chair its story and an individual look. Every step of the process is taken out with the most exceptional care, polishing, painting, or lacquering. The steel support adds to the bar chairs' sturdiness and balance. The footrests provide you to sit pleasantly on the chairs. 

There is an example of reclaimed wood stool here.

As you can see, a design also finishes material for stool suitable for almost any kitchen scheme or individual taste. So don't hesitate to experiment, because of that you're home!

Your turn now: Post a photo in the comments section. What kind of stools do you prefer?