8 Ideas How To Fit Islands In Narrow Kitchen?

Learn below how to: implement an island within your small kitchen. 

how to fit island in a small kitchen


Islands are workhorses in the kitchen. Aside from the other countertops, all give an extra surface space that can be used for meal prep, serving, or as a spot to sit and hang out with family and buddies. These with a small kitchen usually assume there's no way they can squeeze in an island, but you'd be amazed at just how little you can go.


space between counters in the kitchen


The least advised width of a kitchen work path is 42" for a person and 48" for a few cooks in the workspace. An opening should be at least 36" wide. It can be challenging to fit a standard-size bar in a tiny kitchen, which typically covers 25"- 40" long and holds enough room for paths and walkways.


how much space in the kitchen


Numerous homeowners favor a small island because it provides greater flow — it's more comfortable to get around when walking from one area to another.

But there's quite a margin of versatility in the measurement and adjustment of a kitchen island—the form and set to give an extra surface without standing in the way of basic kitchen jobs. 

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You don't want to get the island work area so small that you can't even use it. The prior two islands are moderately skinny but allow sufficient surface space to benefit different kitchen chores.


open shelf kitchen cabinet


It's crucial to consider the purpose of your island. Do you require an extra area for storage at the bottom of the bar? Can it be open, or do you need closed-door storage? If it's going to be an exposed shelf, think of what you wish to put there, as it will hold mid-stage in your tiny kitchen. It could become a dirt collector, except it gets daily use whatever you put there.


stool by the kitchen island


Possibly you want a counter that works as a hangout place in your small kitchen. You will not have a multicourse feast on a small island, but it's enough space for a few people to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee, a quick snack, or a glass of wine. If you intend to place a few stools around the island, consider setting them so that each person seated doesn't go in the way of the chef.

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Most Needed Extra Counter Space

extra counter space in the kitchen


A small island will not have a cooktop or sink; however, it can be beneficial as a settling space when getting items out of the fridge, freezer, oven, or tiny homework area for kids necessary. In case, for safety's benefit, if your kitchen requires a surface close to your stove, you may need to add a little bar nearby so that you have a spot to place hot items without having to step too far away.

Why Not With Wheels 

kitchen island with wheels, tea cart, tea trolley


An island doesn't have to be a definite part of the kitchen. The great industrial-style kitchen emphasizes a free-standing cart, like the one below ; 

Excellent option for you to serve hot tea, juice, or drinks to your family or visitors. Crafted of solid acacia timber and then polished with natural oil, our snack trolley has strong support and is long-lasting, straightforward to maintain, and weather resistant.

bar cart, tea trolley, kitchen island with wheels


Consider attaching rollers so that you can run the bar throughout the area as necessitated. Be sure to lock the wheels to prevent your bar from roaming off.

Size And A Shape Matter

kitchen size


Consider what shape and size is your small kitchen to fit the geometry of your area most suitable. If it's is long and tight, then you'll need a long and skinny island. But, if your kitchen is more like a square, then an island likewise formed will fit and perform properly.

Don't Oversize

woman preparing food on the kitchen counter


More isn't always more beneficial. Suppose your small kitchen area is a bustling space. In that case, I think giving yourself wider work aisles and a smaller island is preferable to filling in an oversize island in a way that provides you with awkwardly narrow paths and walkways.

Your turn now: Post a photo in the comments section. How did you fit your island in your tiny kitchen