Breakfast Bar Counter Height

breakfast bar counter height


Open kitchen floor plans are trendy, so breakfast bars are the perfect complement by allowing for easy interactions, and casual get together. Considering the breakfast bar, the island or countertop serves as an informal divider between the kitchen and other living areas while maintaining a sense of openness.

This kitchen workhorse also provides much-needed storage and counter space. Let's say "the busiest area" in the whole house from both a social and functional standpoint. The breakfast bar also serves as an eating area for quick and casual meals, breakfast, for example.

Breakfast Bar Heights

breakfast bar height


In general, standard height options for breakfast bar counters are 30", 36" and 42 inches from the floor. The prep area is either higher or lower than the portion intended for eating, depending on the individual application.

The counter should be at least 30 inches wide to provide an accessible kitchen, and the counter is 28"-34" above the floor. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Different counter heights are the best solution for meeting the needs of other kitchens.

36 inches Work Counter / 30 inches Eating Counter

breakfast bar height


For many kitchens, the best of both worlds are those options, a comfortable 36-inch height work surface with a lowered 30-inch height for eating. Usually, an approach like that is chosen for older people. It allows for conventional kitchen chairs that provide easier access and greater comfort than typically achieved with a traditional stool.

Even if someone in a wheelchair, that also works great. The lower bar stools or chairs 16" to 23" can be a safer option for children. This idea could also provide an opportunity to add a decorative tile on the wall between the two countertops for visual interest, essentially when using a bar.

36 inches For Eating and Workspace

breakfast bar height


That's the most counter space with no separation between the dining and working area. The advantage of this height for the eating area is that it allows for hip height or counter height stools 24" to 27", convenient and easy to get in and out of, particularly for mature adults.

As with the previous example, one potential disadvantage may be keeping the work counter nice and neat, as everything is on full display from the surrounding living spaces.

36 inches Work and 42 Inches Eating Area

breakfast bar height


Some prefer this model because it covers items on the workspace, like messy dishes or preparation tools, from other living areas. When entertaining, the higher part can also be used as a buffet line to remove the seats. The potential disadvantage for this arrangement is the requirement of bar height stools 28" to 33", which can pretend access and safety challenges for kids or mature adults.

Functionality And Comfort

breakfast bar height


Bar stools are the common choice for sitting and relaxing around a kitchen counter, providing simple style and versatility for an open floor plan—a critical factor in deciding the most suitable choice for your circumstance. Stools with a full back are best for maximum comfort and safety.

Low back if you want to have visual access into the kitchen while still adding security and balance of back support. Just be sure to acknowledge the seat's width, including arms, when determining how many will fit at your counter. The recommended minimum distance between seats is 6 inches for chairs up to 18 inches wide and 8"- 10" for wider diameter bar chairs.

breakfast bar height


When arranging a proper height, we suggest leaving 10"- 12" between the stools and the surface's underneath. There are also benefits providing flexibility to satisfy the demands of people of all sizes. Avoid chairs that are too bulky or have a small base that would let them tilt easily.

Lightweight options accommodate the desired flexibility to move them around as needed. It is also selecting stools with footrests to make them more comfortable and practical than those that leave legs hanging.

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bar stools vs counter stools


If stools with armrests are preferred, we suggest choosing stools that swivel to make it easier to get in also out of the chair without having to back away from the countertop. This is particularly important for bar chairs.

Another space planning idea for a breakfast counter is whether the chairs' area is part of the passage flow. If that is the situation, leave at least 60" of space behind where a seated guest would be, especially when incorporating universal design principles to allow passage for a wheelchair person.

Respecting these options in advance will improve your kitchen's functionality and comfort, probably the house's most popular room. 


breakfast bar height

When planned correctly, the breakfast bar will give your kitchen more functional and practical. Everyone will appreciate it for many years.

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