Counter Stool Height vs. Bar Stool Height

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Shopping for bar or counter stools is not as easy as you would think, because knowing the difference between them is essential. Otherwise, you might end up with a chair that is too short to let you reach your drink or food. Or you might get a too tall stool and hit your knees on the under the counter. Necessary measurements using a measuring tape and a little bit of knowledge are all that you need to pick the perfect height for your new stools.

Bar Stool Heights

bar stools height


Countertops, tables, and bars that measure from 41"-43" tall are considered bar height. Measuring from the floor to the top of the counter. Seat height of 28"-31" works very well bar-height counters. It is a perfect height combination, allowing you and all the guests to comfortably use the countertop or bar surface while providing plenty of room underneath for your knees and legs. There are also bars measure 44"-47" in height. Those taller countertops the best stool heights is 33"-36".

Table And Counter Stool Heights

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Our kitchen counters and tables are usually 35"-37" from the floor. They work great with bar stools that measure 24"-27". These chairs will give you and your guests a perfect sitting height for eating, doing homework, or sharing a cup of coffee, or even doing homework for kids. It's easy to tuck them away under the table; stools work well for dining tables or counters located in small spaces. Tables are usually lower than counters at a height between 28'-30" and require seats 16"-23" high.

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Odd Heights

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Although countertops, tables, and bars are typically built to fit standard sizes, that's not always the case. So the best rule of thumb is to pick a 10 inches lower stool than the countertop, bar, or table. This way, you get a room underneath the counter for your knees, even plenty of space there if you like to sit with your legs crossed.

We all know that it's hard to find stools of the proper height in some cases than the best option is to consider adjustable seats. These chairs are equipped with a hydraulic height adjustment system that allows you to set the stool height exactly how you want it.

Room Between Stools

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The space between your stools is as much important as their heights. To avoid cramping your counter and your guests, space your stools six inches apart if the seats are 16'-18" wide. If the seats are wider or the chairs swivel or armrests, increase the space between them to 8"-10".

Ideally, the middle of one stool to the center of the next should be about 28". Than everybody has enough room around them. Leaving 14" of space between the end of the bar and your first stool it's a good practice, as well. Also, the person on end has plenty of counter space.


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Every sitting situation in every house is different. Still, fortunately, there is plenty of options on the market to fulfill all different needs.


Your turn now: Post a photo in the comments section. What do you prefer? bar or counter stools?